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We are a breast cancer prevention site. We post information about breast cancer facts, mammograms, chemotherapy, breast cancer clinics and much more. REMEMBER: This is an information only site, not medical advice!

About Breast Cancer Rx

Breast cancer Rx has been created on the premise to bring hope into the lives of all who have experienced this disease in one way or another. This web site is not for just one person. It is for all grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and grand daughters in need information and support. A place to guide those who need basic information or some way of knowing who to turn to. This is a dedication for those who have left us too soon and those who need to know that we must continue to be aware of this horrible disease. Research continues to progress forward and has shown we are making improvements but we still have roads to travel and questions to answer. Let us join together as one with power, strength, hope, faith, and support that we will one day find the cure that will be the answer to all of our prayers.

A wise woman once said, "it is our freedom to progress that makes us all want to live and to go on." Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962). She made that statement on May 29, 1941 and it still has the same powerful meaning today that it did back then. A very dear friend of mine passed away due to cancer. Not even a few years thereafter, a girlfriend who was like a sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and looking at a mastectomy. I was shocked, felt helpless, I asked questions as to why her and not me. We cried together; spent endless hours talking about nothing just because it was a mentally stressful situation. Many things had been heard about breast cancer but what I thought it was I found to be untrue. After reading every research pamphlet and book I could, the statistics were shocking it brought me to tears. The facts were so overwhelming, the stories from survivors heartfelt and touching. I knew from then on my time would be spent with breast cancer awareness.

It took BCRX six months to build enough resources between information and clinic locations together that could make up a website. Many have asked me why this website has come about, the response is simple; we care and want a cure for this horrible disease. We have three ways of helping to fight this cure: 1) providing a large list of clinics, 2) provide a list of support groups where others can meet and discuss the same issues, and 3) give basic information about breast cancer to raise questions and start discussion. This web site was built for every person who has ever come in touch with breast cancer. Whether it be a sister, a friend, a spouse, a grandmother, a neighbor, or a best friend. We are here as your guide to help raise awareness, start the discussions, and help bring more donation monies into the research that is so desperately needed. Everyone who has ever been touched by this disease whether directly or indirectly deserves to have a voice in this and BCRX is here for you, to help make it happen. BCRX will provide you with the best tools on locations and other documentation which you can freely print and take into your medical professional.

If you have any questions please feel free to send us an email with your concerns.

Any feedback? Feel free to email the Administrator with your comments and suggestions!


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