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We are a breast cancer prevention site. We post information about breast cancer facts, mammograms, chemotherapy, breast cancer clinics and much more. REMEMBER: This is an information only site, not medical advice!

Personal Care

Everyone loves taking a hot bubble bath or a hot shower; well just about everyone. When in the recovery stage of breast cancer recovery, skin care is very important and it is also very important to remember hot water cannot be used; it has to be warm to the touch. Why, because of the skin being sensative and dry from the treatments you have received. Your skin needs to recover and the hot water will not allow that to happen, it will only pull the moisture out of it; something you don't want to happen.

Skin care products are important when shopping; not all products are friendly to your skin. Dove soap has been found to be the most friendly to sensative skin because it does keep moisture in your skin.

Beauty and Cosmetics

On the subject of beauty and cosmetics it will require some searching for the correct make up that will not harm your skin. Because of the chemotherapy and/or radiation, your skin has become very sensative and can be affected quite harshly by the chemical combination contained in makeup. There is relief in sight however, many manufacturers both make up and skin products have used safe ingredients to make their products so cancer patients can use them. The government isn't doing anything about this however the states are starting to. There is a campaign out called "Campaign For Safe Cosmetics" in which companies who meet their requirements of safe non-toxic products can sign and have their company placed on it. For free information on makeup and more beauty tips, visit Look Good Feel Better.

Hair Care

If you do wear a wig after treatment, there are products you can purchase which are of high quality and better for your health than those in the drugstore or grocery stores. Paula Young is a very affordable and high quality wig retailer. For those days when you don't feel like dressing up, you can visit Headcovers Unlimited; they have a wonderful selection of head covers from hats and scarfs to sleep covers and swim caps.

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