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We are a breast cancer resources site for chemotherapy, mammograms and mastectomy procedures. There is a listing of hospitals and clinics to locate medical professionals that can provide further resources on chemotherapy treatments, breast screening or exams. You can review skin care tips that might assist during recovery. If you have any technical questions, you can email the web master. Please remember this is a resource and information site only, not medical advice. If you need medical attention, please visit a clinic, hospital, emergency room or your medical professional immediately.


Cancer Prevention and Awareness

Breast cancer is a disease which affects both men and women; it is very unkind if not caught early enough. We have collected facts and articles for you to read and learn from. A directory of cancer hospitals and cancer clinics, doctors, etc is available for you to view. This is to assist with searching and locating a medical professional in your area.

We have gathered helpful information about breast exams and breast screening to assist you in learning more about it. These pages are to help you understand and be aware of options. You can find information available here that lists alternate types of therapy after surgery, how to recover after surgery and where you can purchase skin sensative items that may be able to help during your recovery.

Breast Cancer Facts

The cancer facts page provides information and the possible causes of the disease. This information has been collected from credited resources and is not to be used as medical diagnosis. The resource page lists contact information to organizations and companies that can assist families of patients who must stay for long periods of treatment such as things like chemotherapy or radiation. The therapy page contains information of treatment; the mammograms page explains in simple terms what it is and how it is performed. The skin & health care link provides information and resources to personal products that will not harm you while in therapy or after surgery.

As of April 2005, the National Cancer Institute estimated that 13.2 percent of all women born today will be diagnosed with breast cancer sometime in their lives. The National Cancer Institute says that each year, about 1,300 men in this country discover they have breast cancer. So knowing what we know now, it is not only women at risk, men are as well. Research has shown the risks of getting breast cancer will and does increase with age as we grow older.

The good news is, we are getting closer to a cure. Our research here shows the fight for a cure today and the hope for an end to this disease is possible. Even though we don't know when it will happen, one woman or man lost to this horrible disease is far too many. Support us in the fight and share this free information with others. We feel with everyone's hope and strength, we do have a chance at winning this battle!



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