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We are a breast cancer prevention site. We post information about breast cancer facts, mammograms, chemotherapy, breast cancer clinics and much more. REMEMBER: This is an information only site, not medical advice!

Breast Cancer Rx Advertising

We are giving medical oriented business owners, non profit organizations, and shop owners that support cancer the ability to advertise on our web site. The income made from advertisers will help us pay for web site maintenance and hosting. We will only accept businesses that support breast cancer, cancer, or are a non profit organization charity for cancer. Please read our guidelines before you purchase your advertising spot to ensure you have the correct criteria for our web site.

Advertising Opportunities Explained

Opportunity #1. 80 x 80 button placed on sub pages - $15

Opportunity #2. 80 x 80 button placed on state pages (support groups or clinics) for $20

Sponsors on front page. 80 x 80 button - $25

Please remember to include your 80 x 80 button for your business and the direct link of your web site, your name, and an email that we can contact you. We are happy to answer any questions about advertising, please feel free to email us at any time.

Breast Cancer Advertising Guidelines

We will not accept any gambling, adult content (unless it is breast cancer awareness related), warez, piracy, or other illegal web site content. Our policy is to share information and the same interests with visitors and customers. We will not be a part of any illegal activity. We have the right to change our pricing at any time.

If you have any questions please feel free to send us an email with your concerns.

Any feedback? Feel free to email the Administrator with your comments and suggestions!


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